Walk on Water

Intense and powerful examination of the conflicts between two men and how the past has shaped them.

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Country: USA

Language: English

Walk on Water

Walk on Water

In 2004, director Eytan Fox released this astonishing and multi layered movie, a close and powerful examination of culture, sexual and personal clashes.

Based on a screenplay by Gal Ushavsky this is a story or revenge and then understanding from two men on opposite sides of a variety of fences. It starts with a shock as the main protagonist, Eyal is taking a sightseeing trip along the amazing scenery of the Bosphorous then, without warning, kills a man who is sightseeing with his wife and child by lethal injection. It transpires that Eyal is part of the Israeli secret service and is doing his best to escape from their control, having had more than enough of the job but he is given an order to track down a Nazi war criminal. Eyal resists the order, seeing little gain in killing someone who although clearly evil, is now an old man. He gets to know the man’s grandchildren and becomes changed by the experienced, moved by their compassion. His superior tries to manipulate him emotionally but Eyal is able to make his own mind up and refuses to go through with the killing.

The film covers many issues and does so with passion. Homophobia is addressed, as is the conflict between Israel and Palestine, not to mention the still in some ways unresolved issues of the atrocities committed during the Nazi regime, which still to this day unfairly haunts Germany. Lior Ashkenazi is astonishing as Eyal, charismatic and powerful, dominating the entire film without for a moment seeming that he is overwhelming it. This is helped by a magnificent supporting cast and a script that reflects life in that there are no easy answers, nothing is ever black and white. Knut Berger, Caroline Peters and Gideon Senner also excel, with Senner cast as Eyal’s boss, a man who is committed to making sure that the world never forgets about the horrors suffered by Jews at the hands of the Nazis, yet a man who has become blinded by his hatred for the perpetrators.

Walk on Water is a stunning and powerful drama movie that deserves to be seen by as wide an audience as possible.



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