The Lesser Evil

El Menor de los Males – The Lesser Evil is a black comedy set in Galicia, Spain which is about people talking on Politics.

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Country: USA

Language: English

The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil

Spanish director Antonio Hernandez had become successful yet again as he was able to provide the movie enthusiasts the clear picture of the modern Western society using his magnificent gift in the art of moviemaking. This comedic film was able to capture the attention of many critics with its dark humor as well as its realistic theme, which is apparently comparable to today’s social and political condition in Spain.

The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil

Admirable combination of genres
“El Menor de los Males”, or more commonly known with its English title “The Lesser Evil”, is a 2007 Spanish film that is intricately created and designed as it has a mixture of various genres such as comedy, drama, and thriller. Moreover, Hernandez injected true pictures of the general outlook of the people when talking about the powerful politicians in their country.

Presence of unlikable portions
In an attempt to fully satisfy the needs of viewers for an enjoyable film, the team developed the story with hilarity, sarcasm, and irony so as to create a one-of-a-kind satirical film. There were moments in this film, however, when scenes would turn out to be a bit unpleasant due to excessive cynicism in the characters’ exchange of words. Nevertheless, the original idea of “The Lesser Evil” was not totally sabotaged by the exaggerated mockery within the film.

Existence of limitations
The beginning of the movie “El Menor de los Males” appeared to be quite humorous as it contains highly entertaining and comical scenes that the audience can appreciate. But then, this Spanish film also has shortcomings even though it seemed to be very amusing based on the silly antics revealed in the movie. The plot development happens to occur at a dreadfully slow pace that the story gradually grows unexciting.

Creative plot
Antonio Hernandez, the film director, and Antonio Galeano were able to create a story that would definitely not bore their target Spanish viewers. The account has a combination of issues of betrayal as well as blackmailing. In addition, the creators of this movie added familial matters that are specific to relationship between siblings.

Representation at its best
A good plot would be deemed useless if the characters are not played well by talented actors and actresses. The team did a great job in casting as they were able to put together some of Spanish film industry’s finest artists of the current era. The cast list includes: Carmen Maura, Verónica Echegui, Roberto Álvarez, Marta Belenguer, and Xavier Deive.

Certainly a good movie
Every movie has its weaknesses and that no film has ever been created without the presence of a single flaw. It can be stated that “El Menor de los Males” is an excellent movie if one would take time to delve deeper into the story rather than to linger on what could be witnessed on the surface. As a matter of fact, this sardonically-themed movie refreshes the already failing movie industry of the country, Spain. Moreover, the motion picture “The Lesser Evil” appears as an instrument that can oppose the superfluous films that are flourishing during the present times.

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