Stripped Naked

Offbeat film noir starring Sarah Allen as a stripper on a mission.

Release Date: 21 September 2009 (Canada)

Director: Lee Demarbre

Writer: Christine Conradt, Ian Driscoll

Stars: Sarah Allen, Jon Cor, Mark Slacke

Country: USA

Language: English

Director Lee Demabre in collaboration with writers Christine Conradt and Ian Driscoll beings us this 2009 feature starring the gorgeous and elfin Sarah Allen, best remembered from “Secret Window” as Cassie, a stripper who is abandoned by her low life boyfriend on the side of the road after a massive argument. As she struggles to get to a phone to get herself out of this predicament she encounters a guy who is on the point of making a major league drugs deal. Anyone sensible would get out at that point but of course, that wouldn’t make for much of a story and Cassie ends up witnessing the dealer’s murder, while his contact also gets shot at the same time. Cassie suddenly finds herself in possession of a large amount of cash, an even larger amount of valuable drugs and a car and suddenly a whole new life opens up to her. Not a healthy one perhaps but considering where she has come from practically anything is going to be an improvement.

Stripped Naked

Stripped Naked

She starts making plans to leave the country and retire to Paris, living off the cash she has just inherited but unfortunately the original owner of the drugs has other ideas that will put something of a crimp in her plans and her life becomes even more complicated when he despatches one of his assassins to track her down and get back what he considers to be his.

This movie is a great fun ride, something that doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers a fantastic anti heroine in the form of Cassie who is so debased by life that she will grasp any opportunity that comes her way however dangerous the outcome. Sarah Allen takes the chances that the script gives her and invests Cassie with a great deal of pathos as well as a rather primal naked ambition, which is appropriate considering her past career! It’s a strangely brightly lit film noir story and has an unusual plot that keeps the audience guessing. Not one for the faint hearted , this is a really engaging and rewatchable movie.


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