Right at Your Door

A dirty bomb goes off in Los Angeles, a toxic cloud spreads over the city and the surrounding area, roads are blocked and people are advised to seal up their houses, survivors are being quarantined.

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Country: USA

Language: English

Right at Your Door follows the story of couple, Brad (Rory Cochrane) and Lexi (Mary McCormack), who are caught up in the LA bomb. In the morning, Lexi goes off to work in the city as normal: then Brad hears the terrible news. He seals up the house and is advised to, under no circumstances, let anyone in or out. However, then Lexi comes knocking at the door.

Mary McCormack in Right at Your Door

Mary McCormack in Right at Your Door

The performances are great; they bring to life the fear and the panic of the situation. You understand the characters and their responses to the situation they have been thrust into.

Right at Your Door consists of a very simple premise, but one that is extremely effective. Brad is trapped in his house wondering what is going on outside, and worrying about what is going to happen to his wife. The audience is left in the dark as much as he is. It was made on a shoestring budget, but this works for the film rather than against it, forcing the story to be told without showing the actual explosion. It works on the fear of what you don’t see, rather than what you are shown. It is a claustrophobic and sometimes terrifying film, which feels horrifyingly real.


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