Remake movie, directed by Roger Gual, explores the life of a family that in its youth did not believe in the norms of society and brought up their children in a way they thought was correct.

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Country: USA

Language: English

After his successful first film “Smoking Room” that Roger Gual co-directed with Julio Wallovits in 2002, comes this equally interesting narrative, a kind of family story that many would relate to and as has been seen around us many a time. Remake explores the life of a family that in its youth did not believe in the norms of society and brought up their children in a way they thought was correct, but was different from the normal upbringing that children usually get from their parents. It is a reminiscence into the past that shows the effects of it in the future and what the family’s reaction to it is in the present time when they have adopted a normal lifestyle.



A group of friends lived in a commune living a hippie lifestyle and then married and continued to live like this along with their children, bringing them up not with discipline but to live life as they thought right. After some years, they felt they needed to move out of their community lifestyle and join society living and so they parted ways to live a simple and different lifestyle from the one they had got used to until now. Forty years later one of the couple decides to have a reunion and the group plans a get-together at the same commune where they had spent most of their youth as a family.

They all meet at the same place with their children, who are now in their late twenties, accompanying them. As the past unwinds through the eyes of the elderly couple, they realize that what they had thought was a good upbringing of their children was absolutely wrong. Having never known any discipline, the children had adopted quite an obnoxious attitude, for which they blame their parents completely. They have not been able to make much of their lives because they never learnt the values of life and could not differentiate between the good and the bad. The parents on their part can see now what their decision so many years ago has done to their family.

Co-written by Javier Calvo, Remake has some solid dialogues and incredibly good performances by the actors Juan Diego, Eusebio Poncela, Marta Etura Gustavo Salmeron and not to forget the brilliant delivery by Alex Brendemuhl. Although the film has various moods that changes from being sometimes intense, other times dramatic, often intelligent and sometimes frustrating, but all the same it makes contemporary Spanish cinema come alive. We see how a family’s wrong decision leads to many other problems in the future when its too late to track back their footsteps.

Roger Gual has stuck to the contemporary, but delved deep into a family life that is commonly found, as we all go through a phase in our youth when we make some wrong decisions. While some realize their mistake and make up for it there are others who do not think rationally through their heads and they land up in similar kinds of situations that the families in Remake have lived. We see that following the wrong ideologies can lead to a lot of trouble and unhappiness. The film is basically a chapter from reality where we learn that a wrong influence on our part can reflect badly on our children, which will only cause pain when seen later in life.

Awards: Málaga Spanish Film Festival
Nominations: Butaca Awards, Málaga Spanish Film Festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival


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