P.O.V – Point of View

P.O.V. is another dogme style film, shot in Denmark in English and it’s a grim piece of work.

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Country: USA

Language: English

P.O.V - Point of View

P.O.V - Point of View

P.O.V. is another dogme style film, shot in Denmark in English and it’s a grim piece of work. There is no light and shade I this movie, it just goes from bad to worse for the characters….except that the innovative thing is that you, the viewer get co choose what happens to them. A bit like the old “Make your own adventure” books that were popular in the early 1980s. Confused?

It’s all to do with the technicalities of DVD, with seamless branching and menu systems offering the chance to watch alternate takes of a scene. Here you are not just given alternate takes but whole alternate storylines and, with judicious use of the remote control can decide on the course of action our protagonists will take. It’s uprising that this feature hasn’t been exploited more by filmmakers so POV is a definite innovator in that ay.

Point of View

Point of View

Unfortunately, the plots on offer are a touch limp and as I said, without any humour to leaven the unremitting grimness, the film does get a bit hard on the brain after a while. It’s basically a straightforward road movie, made on location in the States with a downbeat central character who is spectacularly unlikeable, being spoiled and selfish, as well as somewhat arrogant. Deserves all she gets really. It looks like a lot of the acting was improvised which works better sometimes than others and the stripped down DV look works against the film, it would really have done with looking a little more sumptuous, if nothing else as a comfort blanket.

It’s not a bad film at all, as road movies go. There’s nothing we haven’t seen done a hundred times and usually done better and the dialogue isn’t hugely original either, nor is the descent of the spoiled Dane into the dark heart of America. But there’s a lot that’s good in POV, the central performance is great and there are some nice little vignettes along the way. It does seem however that the film’ main selling point was it’s interactivity and while this is needed exciting and different, I feel that more work could have been done on the script. Then it could have been a simply stunning movie. As it is it’s well worth a watch and the beauty is that you can always change the ending the second time around!

Awards: Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival
Nominations: Molodist International Film Festival,Robert Festival


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