Life Hits

Life Hits is a 2006 Danish film directed by Christian E. Christiansen which tells the story of teenage girls living for the weekends and gate crashing parties, getting drunk and experimenting with drugs and sex.

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Language: English

This 2006 Danish film was written and directed by Christian E. Christiansen and ion the face of it is a story of youth and excess. Christina is a party animal, living for weekends and with very little interest in her school work or bettering herself in any way. Her best friends and classmates Cecilie, Trine and Pernille do nothing to curb her excesses, preferring to join her in their overindulgences, taking drugs, drinking and hitting on guys. However the group is suddenly split asunder when Cecilie’s boyfriend starts cracking on to Christina and though she doesn’t take advantage of him, Cecilie believes that she is trying to steal her man. Matters take a turn for the worse as, when stealing money from a locker room, Christina is witnessed and when confronted gives away the names of her co conspirators. Suddenly Christina finds that her friends have turned against her and their vicious and bullying ways are directed at her.

Life Hits

Life Hits

This is not a happy film, nor is it for those wanting a quiet evening diversion. It’s an intense and spine chilling drama, a story of some very flawed directionless human beings and the mob mentality. An examination of the bonds of friendship and how they can be corrupted and torn apart by unrestrained emotions, filmed in the popular Dogme 95 style with jarring cuts and stark direction that lets the actors unfold the story rather than telling it via the camera. As such it needed a very powerful cast and in this Christiansen excelled with Laura Christensen (is that EVERYBODY’S name in Denmark?) showing great strength and sensitivity in her portrayal of Christina. To begin with she is a revolting character, a figure of hate and mockery from the audience but as her world collapses and she has to forge new friendships to replace those who have turned against her she becomes vulnerable and eventually likeable. Well, until the surprising and horrific ending.

Dogme 95 isn’t for everyone, it’s a very uncompromising style and this is an uncompromising movie. But it’s absorbing and inventive with some magnificent performances that carry the tale. Simple and effective, just don’t expect to be laughing in the isles by the end!

Nominations: Robert Festival, Bodil Awards


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