Everything Put Together

Director Marc Forster brings this year 2000 psychological drama to chilling life with a great deal of skill.

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Country: USA

Language: English

Louis Ferreira and Radha Mitchell in Everything Put Together

Louis Ferreira and Radha Mitchell in Everything Put Together

Everything Put Together is the story of a young woman adjusting to the loss of her first child, Angie and Russ, played by Radha Mitchell and Justin Louis are suburbanites, with nothing unexpected happening in their lives.

At the outset, everything is normal and wonderful in their world, as Angie looks forward to delivering her baby, but the moment after it is born, it dies. This sends Angie off into a bout of horrific depression and strange behaviour, such as visiting the morgue to see her baby’s corpse and virtually stalking other children playing in parks. Angie becomes more and more withdrawn, her friends carry their pregnancies through and deliver healthy babies, then move back from her out of a feeling of guilt and discomfort at her loss contrasted with their happiness. Russ becomes more and more alienated as Angie rejects his loving support.

Everything Put Together

Everything Put Together

This is a sensitively told tale of one woman and the effects that the death of an infant can have, shattering her entire world and threatening to destroy her relationship with her husband. Forster knows exactly what he is doing for this, his first major feature and handles the story with great care, almost as a horror story, a psychological study. Angie is an exceptionally well drawn character and Radha Mitchell brings her to life with immense skill, never once slipping into melodrama.

There is a great intensity and emotional intimacy about the film, it really hooks the viewer from the word go and draws you in to Angie’s disintegrating world. The rest of the cast are good in their supporting roles, but their characters are not as finely written and defined as that of Angie, however, since she is the main focus of the piece this does not affect the overall enjoyment. And enjoyable it is, though that may seem a strange word to use for a movie with such a “heavy” subject matter.

This one is a must see, a strong story that actually benefits from a low budget and being made on digital video, which helps with the intimacy of the piece. Highly recommended and Forster is a name to watch, based on this he will do great things.


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