Even Trade

Even Trade — directed by Michael Merrill and starring David Newman, Ceasar FayCurry, and Faris FayCurry — is an action-packed drama film featuring the deadliest crime: disloyalty.

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Country: USA

Language: English

Even Trade is not just another indie movie. Its limitations regarding budget has been well compensated by so many strengths that this Michael Merrill masterpiece have.

For one, there’s the magnificent story. Even Trade features the brother-like friendship of Squeeze (played David Newman) and Geno (played by Faris FayCurry). They were childhood friends who grew up together in a life of crime. They figured in bringing respect and wealth to the infamous Delano Crime family in Chicago. Things changed when Geno decided he wants to become legitimate, which also means leaving Squeeze behind. Charged with fury, Squeeze makes Geno pay a deadly price for his disloyalty. That resulted to all the drama and suspense that Even Trade has in stock.

Even Trade has a classic story told in a surprisingly excellent manner. It is peppered with big scenes that will make your eyes swell both in tears and disbelief. Squeeze’s rampage is a classic thriller. You will realize that enough anger can actually wash away the thickness of blood that binds two people.

For another, there are the outstanding performances of the members of the cast. David Newman is an eye-candy. He registers well onscreen and, not to mention, he is a very good talent to boot. His personification of an angered fellow who much like felt he was cheated on is pretty interesting to watch. In the same way, the actor who played Geno, Faris FayCurry, carried his character well.

Throw in the addition of Ceasar FayCurry and Simeon Henderson and what are you going to get? A well-blended cast of characters that will make your movie-viewing awe inspiring.

This is Michael Merrill’s best effort to date. His take at low budget productions is making the best of whatever he has. He was able to maximize the given budget and turned it sufficient enough by overplaying his characters. The strength of his characters is also the strength of his film.

Even Trade

Even Trade

This is a mobster/gangster movie. That’s a given. But it was able to shy away to just being another mobster/gangster movie. Director Merrill presented several twists and turns, which makes the package a truly exciting and enriching one.

Even Trade is a very good movie. It is full of action as it is full of heart. With very little money available to make it, it is quite easy to conclude it is another crap. But no, Even Trade was able to prove that there is goodness in watching movies with a limited budget.

You are able to see real talent on screen — not just stars but actors. You will be far from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, all the gloss and sugar coatings, because that’s where excellent narration begins. More importantly, you get a directing that may be Oscar-shy but is excellent nonetheless. If you love action, if you love crime, if you love drama, Even Trade may just be the movie you are looking for.



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